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Lo Spazio

In my short film Lo Spazio, I try to explore with space.

During the lockdown I felt stuck within the limits of my space and therefore my body within the space. 

For a few days I filmed myself moving around the house and logged how much time I spent at one place. It was quite confronting. I didn’t move fast and most certainly didn’t move much. 

I felt short of space but there was so much space around me I hadn’t touched.

In the film you see the recorded footage of me playing in the background of the room. The dancer, she represents freedom. She is taking the unused space back and treats it without limitations. The footage adds another dimension of space within the space.


The unusual placing of the footage is based on the map of my apartment. Where ever one room is on the space of your screen, it is also there on my map. Just like some maps, you can watch the film from every angle. 

The choreography was beautifully danced by Evelyn Hutchens, the title is an ode to her Italian heritage.


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