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Unseated borders

“Unseated Borders” commissioned by Museum Arnhem for the exhibition "To each their own" explores how by removing function from objects we can question our sense of identity. Inspired by the people of Egypt and the work of Klaas Gubbels, I question the link between function and who we are. In Cairo, I noticed people creatively using “broken” items, and considering their resourcefulness and creativity as part of their / our identity as Egyptians. Being Egyptian/Dutch myself it made me reflect the relationship between identity and home.

The shapes derived from a table and chair are a homage to Gubbels his often use of chairs and tables but also a reference to our notion of home. The copper, symbolizing function and warmth and the carpets being a metaphor for our cultural identity and relationship to home together form the installation. Each carpet, bearing new patterns through silk screen printing, symbolizes identity’s evolution. Found patterns from Egyptian city walls and the carpets themselves adorn neighboring pieces, celebrating their authenticity and evolution of self.

“Unseated Borders” invites viewers to reconsider their identity without preconceived notions of function and home. Through Unseated borders, we’re encouraged to explore the layers of who we are and the influence of our surroundings on our sense of self.


Unseated borders can be seen in "To each their own" @ Museum Arnhem until August 18, 2024

Special thanks to:

Museum Arnhem 
Emma Buijs 
Manon Braat
Guetjens Bazier 
Reinout Dubbelman 
Anne Pieterse 
Amon van Embden 
ArtEZ print werkplaats

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