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Welcome to Studio Taher!

Studio Taher is a creative venture led by Nora Taher, who wears many hats as a graphic designer, photographer, autonomous artist, video producer and storyteller. With a genuine passion for exploring themes such as identity, cross-cultural dialogue, immigration, and healing through storytelling, Nora approaches her work with curiosity.

Nora graduated from ArtEZ University of the Arts in 2023, where she honed her skills in Graphic Design.

Mixing traditional graphic design practices with her love for textiles, Nora finds joy in creating visually engaging and conceptually rich pieces. At Studio Taher, there's a genuine desire to connect with audiences through meaningful art.

Nora's aim is to create space for unheard stories by turning them into visually stunning pieces. 

For collaborations or inquiries please contact us here

Nora's CV

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